Steven Nederhorst – bandleader, guitar and tenor banjo

Steven has been with the RTDP from day one, starting when the celebrated Cees van den Heuvel led the band on trumpet to their early success. Initially trained in the Django Reinhardt style of guitar playing, Steven developed a fluent swinging and melodic base to support the frontline. On his fine vintage Paramount  tenor banjo he has received critical acclaim for his ensemble playing and soloing. He covers a wide-ranging repertoire from trad jazz to swing, blues and the American Songbook repertoire.

He featured at many jazz festivals in Europe including North Sea Round Town, Jazz by the Sea, Randstad Jazz Festival (on main stage), Golden River City Jazz Festival, Kortrijk (three times), Antwerp/Rotterdam Jazz Festival, Munster Jazz Festival, and Germany. He toured with the band to Germany, Belgium and Austria and has recently joined up with musicians in the UK, his current home base.

Over the years he has teamed up with various leading musicians in different line-ups including members of the Dutch Swing College Band, (Peter Schilperoort, Bert de Kort, Eddy Ham, Frits and George Kaatee, Bob van Oven, Rob Agerbeek), Daisy Oosterhuis, Jos van Bueren, Erik van de Luijt, Hans Heinhuis, Colin Bowen, Bruno Van Accoleyen, the renowned American vocalists Adrienne West, Gaynel Hodge and many others.

He took over as bandleader of the RTDP in 2010 with the formation of the present frontline, taking the band on to ever new musical exploits. Steven was producer of the latest RTDP CD ‘bout Time! featuring Rob Agerbeek, Adrienne West and Gaynel Hodge. In 2008 he also joined the well-known Belgium Golden City River Jazz Band.

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