Pier Manger Cats – drums

Pier is another long-serving RTDP member and a multi-talented musician.  At an early age he started playing piano and accordion but switched to drums and percussion when he was 12 and never looked back. At the centre of the RTDP second line he is the ‘time keeper’ with a great supportive swing, covering the entire range of the band’s styles with verve.

With the band he performed for jazz festivals in Europe including the North Sea Round Town Festival, the Jazz by the Sea Festival (on main stage), the Randstad Jazz Festival and the Antwerp/Rotterdam Festival and toured with the band to Austria. Over the years he has teamed up with various leading musicians in different line-ups including members of the Dutch Swing College Band (Peter Schilperoort, Bert de Kort and Eddy Ham and Rob Agerbeek), Daisy Oosterhuis,  Erik van de Luijt, Hans Heinhuis, and the well-known American vocalists Adrienne West,Gaynel Hodge and others.

As a percussionist (congas, bongos, rattles, guiro, cowbells, etc.) he joined the Latin and Soul band Cadena in 2006. He plays percussion instruments in the symphony orchestra Musica Instrumentalis that performs regularly with well-known guests as well as participating in JMC-Music.

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