Swinging together

What a fantastic band…Excellent ensemble playing and soloing…Wonderful CD hats off to you all..A new release with international appeal… a band we can highly recommend!

Some quotes from the jazz critics tell the story.

A band story that started in the sixties, when seven young talented musicians formed the RTDP. Success soon followed with some 1000 performances in the 60s and 70s. It included teaming up with guests from the Dutch Swing College Band such as Peter Schilperoort, Bert de Kort, Eddy Ham and Rob Agerbeek.

Further musical developments followed as the band extended its repertoire from Chicago trad to the Golden Age of Jazz/Roaring Twenties and Swing Era. Sophisticated arrangements were made that created RTDP’s own catchy ‘sound’ when the new frontline was formed with renowned musicians. Reviews confirm that audiences enjoy the band’s new sound and uplifting stage performances.

Over the years the band has had many successful tours to jazz festivals and jazz clubs around Europe, including North Sea Round Town Festival (2010) linked to North Sea Jazz Festival featuring. Rob Agerbeek and vocalist Daisy Oosterhuis, Jazz by the Sea Festival (2011) on main stage featuring Rob Agerbeek (2011) and the Randstad Jazz Festival. The band also teamed up recently for stage/studio performances with the celebrated American vocalists Adrienne West and Gaynel Hodge (formerly ‘Platters’). They featured on RTDP critically acclaimed new release ‘bout Time! together with Rob Agerbeek.  Meanwhile over 10 radio stations have been keen to play tracks from the band’s CD on their jazz programmes.

We offer a choice of band line-ups to suit any occasion. The regular members forming the six- piece band are: Frans van Wasbeek trumpet, Domagoy Ralasic tenor sax/clarinet, Henk van Muijen trombone, Steven Nederhorst leader & guitar/tenor banjo, Tom Wigmore double bass and Pier Manger Cats drums.  For bigger functions and festivals we can increase the band to include well- known guest pianists and (international) vocalists. Whatever your needs, band leader Steven Nederhorst will be glad to give any assistance or advice. Click here to contact us.

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Rhine Town Dixie Preachers release new album ‘bout Time! with Rob Agerbeek and featuring Adrienne West and Gaynel Hodge (former ‘Platters’)

The RTDP has recorded a new 14 track album ‘bout Time! at the well-known Farmsound Studio (where the “Best of British Jazz” albums were produced). Our guests include Rob Agerbeek, one of Europe’s finest jazz pianists and the top American singers Adrienne West and Gaynel Hodge (co-founder and vocalist of the ‘Platters’). The repertoire covers the period from Chicago style classic jazz to the Roaring Twenties/Golden Age of Jazz, the swing period, the jazz music that accompanied the rise of the musicals and movies, the American Songbook Repertoire and a touch of blues. The text and photos of the 8-page CD booklet are shown below.
The CD has featured already in many regional radio programmes with critical acclaim. A number of other popular radio stations are also planning feature programmes.

Quotes from press reviews and other sources tell the story: ..a CD with International allure.. what a wonderful CD, ..pianist Rob Agerbeek shows his versatility and talent in soloing and ensemble playing in a wide range of styles: blues, swing and boogie woogie, ..a magnificent interpretation of “What A Wonderful World” by Adrienne West, .. Gaynel Hodge’s voice is perfectly suited for “Everyday I Have The Blues” and ..our compliments to the front line and rhythm group.

The 14 sound samples of the CD are shown below and the track “Undecided” is accessible in full on YouTube

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To get an impression of the CD ’bout Time! please listen to the 14 samples below

  1. Undecided
  2. Every Day I Have The Blues
  3. Smile
  4. Indiana (Back Home In)
  5. Stranger On The Shore
  6. On The Sunny Side Of The Street
  7. St Louis Blues Boogie Woogie
  8. What A Wonderful World
  9. Makin’ Whoopee
  10. Royal Garden Blues
  11. Willow Weep For Me
  12. Shine
  13. Our Love Is Here To Stay
  14. It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing

For more information please email: info@rtdp.nl or come along to one of our performances!

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RTDP at Jazz Club Lendelede (B) critically acclaimed

RTDP with guest pianist Hans Heinhuis, 28 April 2012 at LendeLede Jazz Club, Belgium, a full house, a very enthusiastic audience, a jazz club committee composed exclusively of jazz musicians and excellent hosts. It provided all the ingredients for an inspirational, successful and well received concert by the audience and organisers alike.  A grand finale featured encores with the crowd joining in singing ‘You Are My Sunshine’.

Lendelede, we love you and look forward to returning!