50 years of RTDP history

The RTDP was a very popular jazz band in the sixties and seventies with some 1000 gigs to its credit during that time. Founded in 1958, the success of the band was due not only to the musical talent of its young members but also to their acclaimed stage performances, joy in ensemble/solo playing and great camaraderie. Under the inspirational leadership of trumpet player/performer Cees van den Heuvel, RTDP was up there with the leading bands of the time. No surprise therefore that many well-known guest players featured with them, including members of the legendary Dutch Swing College Band (Peter Schilperoort, Eddy Ham, Bert de Kort and Rob Agerbeek).

The RTDP band members followed their professional careers after that, but continued their individual musical endeavours until the band re-united in early 2008.

(1958) Cees van den Heuvel-tpt Henk de Jong -trombone Bert Verhoef -clarinet Steven Nederhorst -banjo Joost Batelaan-bass/piano Johan Raapis-drums

(1961) Pier Manger Cats, Henk de Jong, Cees van den Heuvel, Wim Helders, Steven Nederhorst

(1962) Cees van den Heuvel,Henk de Jong,Wim Helders,Pier Manger Cats, Joost Batelaan, Steven Nederhorst, Bert Verhoef.

(1963) Gouda (Open air concert in special outfit)

So What, Gouda

(1965) RTDP meet DUTCH SWING COLLEGE BAND (Eddy Hamm-tuba & bas/Peter Schilperoort: Clarinet)

(2001) Gouda (Reunion concert Randstad Jazz Festival) Joost Batelaan, Jacques Leroux, Steven Nederhorst, Henk de Jong, Bert Verhoef, Pier Manger Cats.

RTDP reunited in 2008

2 april 2009 , Steven, Tom, Pier en Cees jamming at “Langs de lijn”, Bussum

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14 July 2009 Jazz Cruise for birthday Party Steven Nederhorst. Below the guest musicians: Rob Agerbeek, Daisy Oosterhuis and Jos van Bueren.

8 March 2008 JAZZ AAN DE PLAS, restaurant Plasmeijer, Leimuiden.

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Austria tour 2009

Video track Austria

Performance at Gasthof Engelhof (Gmunden), 6 February 2009

And on 7 february 2009 in Weissen Rössl am Wolfgangsee

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Jazzcafé BEBOB, Delft 4-01-2009

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Performance Rotterdam Musicians Club, October 2008

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